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A Technique to Delay Brain Death in Cardiac Arrest Victims
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CPR, Diving Reflex, Heart Attack, Brain Damage, SIDS, Suffocation, Respiratory Failure.
~ Abstract ~
Help for heart attack victims—when no one is around who knows CPR, initiate “The Dobkin Technique for Delaying Brain Death”: Apply cold water or cold wet towels (58 degrees or colder) to the face and eyes of victim—leaving nose and mouth clear to breathe. After this, supplemental help may be to apply additional cold wet cloths to the base of the back of the head and to the back of the neck. This is an emergency time-buying procedure to delay brain death by triggering the Diving Reflex. The Diving Reflex is a natural oxygen-conserving reflex which can delay the irreversible brain damage thought to occur within four minutes of oxygen deprivation. Works on conscious and unconscious victims; may be applied by child or self-administered; technique may be described over the phone. Works in under 30 seconds. Works in victims of suffocation, SIDS, drownings, drug overdose, choking, electrocution, and other victims of respiratory failure or deprivation of oxygen for any reason.


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Copyright Permission: Permission is hereby granted to use the writing of this technique to delay brain damage in whole or in part to save lives, or to increase the public awareness of this technique as a lifesaving emergency procedure—as long as credit is given to Jeffrey Dobkin and the technique referred to as “The Dobkin Technique for Delaying Brain Death".