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Personal Notes from Jeff Dobkin

A Personal Thank you from Jeff —

     Thanks for your purchase.

I know… I know, everything on the web is free free free!  But not this stuff. Not the really good stuff. 

   Not free — but certainly reasonably priced. Heck - you can buy one of our marketing e-books for under fifteen bucks.  How much cheaper can it get?  If that ain't in your budget, maybe you ought to rethink all this entrepreneurial stuff… We're marketers, not magicians.

— Our Guarantee —

   We always try to provide our clients and friends exceptional value.   If you don't receive 5 times, 10 times the value you paid, we'll refund your money. 

   In fact - if you read our books, and don't make ten times what you paid us for them in your first mailing following our techniques, we'll refund your money…  

   We'll also buy you a new fishing pole, give you our new Chevy Mailbu and shoot Dobkin in his writing hand.  How's that for a guarantee!  OK, maybe we won't do all that, but we'll offer an apology and try to figure out what when wrong.  Just give us a call and ask for Jeff.  Heck, he usually winds up answering the phone anyhow.

     ”Quite frankly, the signal-to-noise ratio of Dobkin's writing is quite low.  He brings the important stuff right to the top; gets right to the point, right away.”

     Fact is, you can't get our unique marketing and direct marketing strategies anywhere else. All presented in Jeff's own breezy to read, easy to understand, slightly over the top grammatically-challenged conversational style of writing. Or did I say that earlier?  Wow, it's hard to write after 6 Red Bulls, half a smoke and a couple of beerskis. 

     But don't let Jeff's easy-going style fool you, the information Dobkin presents is quite deep.  Very deep.  His marketing techniques are sound — based on 30 years of tough field experience, and his
 technical articles will show you the real depth of his marketing knowledge.

     The direct marketing methods in our business books and audios took Dobkin decades to acquire, years to assemble, thousands of hours to distill, and an hour and a half - or maybe a little more - to write and edit. Thus, explaining all the typos.

     He did it all for you - just to be able to present this lean information to you in a style you'll enjoy. Ever notice that in today’s world you’re lucky if you get what you pay for. He's made sure that with our own informational products you get so much more. 

    As you explore the writing on this site, you'll soon learn that Dobkin's books and his audio products are a particularly good value.  You'll be able to see that he jam-packs all his writing with practical, useful information you won’t find anywhere else.

     Few people write in this breezy style, let alone bring you such an intense level of action-information: exactly what you need to do to get more business, make your phone ring, raise the level and quality of inquiries, and demonstrate specifically how to increase the response from any campaign. 

   Put simply — read his books to learn hundreds of new and effective ways to find new markets, acquire more customers, get more business from your current customers.  Realize a higher response from all your campaigns. Yes, all in a few nights of easy reading. Not to mention some stale and sometimes offcolor jokes.

     Some sites make you wade through 
tons of pages and pages of well, crap, to get to the good, useful parts. Yea, other than this page, we try not to waste your time. Maybe that’s why Dobkin's articles have been published in over 300 magazines. Somebody must like his writing.

    Need More Business? 

     Stick around - see why our material really is so heckin' different. If you’re looking for practical marketing and direct marketing strategies, and explicit action steps you can put into use TODAY to increase your response from any marketing or direct mail campaign, we hope you’ll bookmark this site - or better yet our NEW SITE: JeffreyDobkin.com and tell friends to visit, and sign up for our spam-filled email list. This site is well over 100 pages deep with Jeff's original articles.  Bookmark it now! Go ahead, we'll wait…  Thanks!

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    Just kidding.  Who would pay $20 for your name?  Yea - I don't know anyone who would either.  We could only get ten.  Besides, most of those products don't work - especially the “enlargement” products. At least that's what a “friend of mine” told me.  

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