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Please take a look around, enjoy the many FREE white papers, reports and even a chapter or two from our books.

I hope you are enjoying this informational site. Explore deeper and you’ll find interesting marketing articles, direct marketing articles, PR articles, low cost successful marketing methods, and all kinds of tips, tricks and techniques on increasing response. Articles on creating direct mail, writing press releases, creating effective post cards… not to mention plenty of typos and grammatical errors for those of you who are picky, just so you have something to complain about. We left them in just for you!


There’s no secret to what I teach:

    Frankly, all my writing teaches you the same thing: I simply show you how to make your phone ring.

That’s all I do for most clients. For the past 25 years of my career I have distilled my job down to this primary objective: to make the phone ring, from qualified prospects, at the lowest costs. Then when the phone rings, I let my clients sell their products to the people who call. They’re much better at selling their products than I am.

    And here’s how I do it. In fact, this is specifically how every writing assignment starts.  If you are writing, this is how each of your writing should start:

    Writing to Objectives

    As a professional writer, I always write to specific objectives. When a client gives me a writing assignment, I ask what the objectives are: if my writing works perfectly, what do you want a person to do?  What exactly happens?  That’s the objective.  All the copy is drafted to fulfill that mission. Does that make sense?

So for this website, I can tell you right here - here are my objectives:

    1. To have you order our books and other marketing materials.

To accomplish this goal, I try to provide the very highest quality of information, so you will be able to see that what you purchase will also be of tremendous value.  And you can buy our books here.

    I feel that if I can provide you with enough free, original, information-rich material: simple methods that will show you how to make your phone ring and increase your response, you’ll 2. use these techniques to increase your business. And 3. you’ll want more. And then 4. you'll purchase additional material.
  So… here's a link to our store.

The second objective of this site it to make you call me.  I'm always happy to answer questions.  And I'm also available at times for writing and marketing assignments.  Like most copywriters and marketers, clients are the reason I'm in business.  I enjoy what I do - both writing and figuring out effective marketing plans for clients - so here's my phone number: 610-642-1000.  Please call with questions or if you need writing, design or creative services.  I'm happy to help.

    Don’t make me get a Real Job…

    Once I’ve proven my information is useful, and not the usual blah blah blah, or crap like you get elsewhere, then I hope you’ll buy some of my material. 

    If I don’t sell anything, I’ll need to get a real job. You wouldn’t want me to do that, would you?  No?  Me neither.  Thank you, if you said no. If you said yes, bad dog. Come over here -- a little closer to the screen -- so I can smack you upside your head.

    I know I have a gift. A writing gift. My writing has been proven over time.

   And a gift for marketing acuteness.  I've developed my marketing skills over the past 30 years.  So for  people who hire me, I'm effective.  For people who read my scribblings on marketing, where else are you going to get so much practical marketing information that works, mixed in with so little bullshit? 
And a hint of humor.  Hey, don't tell my wife I said shit. Thanks.

    If I go out and get a real job, what a loss. This source of original information, poor spelling, and my breezy, (yet grammatically-challenged)
conversational style of writing goes with me. It would be a shame to dry up a resource that thousands of entrepreneurs have trusted over the years.

    It would be an even greater shame for the thousands more who continue to need help. Those who need to learn my explicit direct marketing methods that have helped given so many entrepreneurs a greater chance to succeed. Let’s not let that happen. OK? Got that credit card handy?