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Here’s an IMPORTANT note:

    We don’t tell you how to sell your products.

    Our direct marketing strategy is a little different than most. Our goal is not to show you how to sell your products. We think you already know how to sell your products.

“Our goal is simple: We show you exactly how to make your phone ring with a qualified lead, at the lowest cost.”

    Yep. Simple isn’t it? Then, YOU can sell your products when someone calls. Sound good? And now we’d like to put our money where our mouth is:

Take a good look at some of our FREE Marketing and Direct Marketing Articles

    Go on - take a look - there’s a great collection of marketing articles posted on this site. Like what you see? Find it of value? Yes, the rest of our articles, books and tapes are just like that. And, while I certainly don’t mind giving some of this away, we offer a great depth of additional books, tapes, reports and white papers for sale, too.

I know, I know - everything’s free on the web.

    While there’s a lot of free stuff on the web, we charge for most of our writing. Trouble with most free stuff is: you have to sort through so much useless fluff to get to the good parts. We try to make sure that doesn’t happen with our material. Take one of our newest books:

“Successful Low Cost Direct Marketing Methods”

    This 2008 title contains no history, no theory, and no b.s. It's simply the most complete book of practical marketing methods, ever. It's a complete marketing campaign from A to Z — written in a clear, easy to read and understand style. Successful Low Cost Direct Marketing Methods contains everything you need to know to successfully market a product, or increase sales of your existing products or services. Plus, we left in a couple of typos and misspellings - just so you picky people would have something extra to talk about. Just like in this site.

    But don’t let my easy-goin’ style of writing fool you. This book demonstrates an in-depth look at practical and useful marketing, direct marketing, advertising and PR methods. It includes an analysis of how and where to find the markets you are looking for, and the specifics of how to use the many reference directories to find exactly who you are selling to, without wasting time or unnecessary advertising expense. Then, how to create the material you’ll need to make the phone ring -- and how to get maximum response by advertising in magazines, newspapers or even better - direct mail.

    This book can save you thousands - yes, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands - of dollars in your marketing and advertising. If it doesn’t, send it back - we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. In 15 years, we’ve gotten only 3 back. Yes, just 3.

    Yea, we’ve written our books to we make sure you don’t need to swim through a lot of crap to get to the good, useful parts. What’s that worth to you?
However if you’re really looking for the best, fastest help possible - and you have the budget, you can get immediate help. Just call. Because while book sales are nice, I still have a mortgage to pay, kids to feed, office rent, and a small staff that likes to get paid on a regular basis - just like you. So…

    Consulting Available

    I do a lot of consulting, and actually I still really enjoy it.

If you hired me as a consultant, you’d pay me to learn what you can actually learn from reading my books and articles for a fraction of the cost. But you’d learn the most valuable parts - the ones that will help your business the most and the fastest - immediately. I go right after the part in your marketing or advertising program that isn’t working and offer very specific recommendations to fix it.

    In fact, that’s why people still hire me: because I have the ability to go directly to right where they are missing parts or they are ineffective in their marketing program, or where their campaigns are less than effective. I recommend specific plans to immediately reach their market and increase their response (and make their phone ring, remember?). And I lower their marketing cost while I make their marketing more effective - which creates additional revenue that pays for my services. I am the original, effective, fast-ramp-up-guy in marketing for many firms.

    You see, by now I've been into over 1,000 firms and simply asked, “What's working in your marketing?” and “What isn't working?” So the program that has been working for 998 of those firm - I'm betting if you tired it, it's gonna work for you. Don't you think? Of course, it has taken me a lifetime to acquire this information, so it doesn't necessarily come cheap.

    Marketing Audits

    Once I see how a client is marketing through a brief
marketing audit, I can offer them an immediate, finely-tuned solution. This analysis is specifically designed to overcome their marketing weaknesses, fix blunders and mistakes, enhance their marketing strengths, and increase their inquiries, phone calls and beef up the sell-through of their products and services. So… what's missing in your marketing? You can call me to find out - initial consultations may be brief, but they’re always free.

    While clients continue to serve the particular industries where they currently market, I also strive to find additional markets. Well, I don’t always find them, but it never hurts to look. And research. And investigate. I've think marketing should never be static, but rather a continual process of research, testing and exploring that never ends.

    So if you have the budget, go ahead - call me: 610-642-1000 rings on my desk. I’m for hire and let’s talk. But if you don’t have the big bucks or immediate need for a 30-year career professional to stop the loss from ineffective marketing, or find new sources of revenue for you, hey - we still love you - and you can learn about these marketing techniques on your own by reading my books. So stay tuned: our informational products were written just for you. Please take a look.

    OK, lets get back to you.

    And about you saving money and learning how to do your marketing, advertising, direct mail and PR for yourself. So the books, downloads and newsletters we offer are all practical marketing methods: How to write effective press releases, how to write great direct mail letters, where to buy a great mailing list, where to find markets, how to find industry magazines… and so forth. Stuff like dat dere.

    This site is dedicated to entrepreneurs, the real heroes of American business. Here's all the things you need to know about bringing your product to a cold or warm marketplace and increasing sales.

    I try to show you in a logical and uncomplicated way how and where to find your best potential buyers and sell your products and services. Everything, everything that will make your target markets clearer and easier to find, make your sales easier, more effective and at a lower cost can be found in this site, in my books, downloads, CDs and articles. Want to see what's in my books - just check out the table of contents of Successful Low Cost Direct Marketing Methods and you’ll see.

    Don’t forget to check out a few of our free downloads, free articles, our almost-free audio cassettes and our some of our horrible home-brew movies of Jeff Dobkin's seminars and presentations. Warning: these are for diehard marketing-junkies only. Wow… are those videos are bad. But they’re informational - or we wouldn’t sell them.

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