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Dear Colleague,

    Thanks for your inquiry…

    It took over 2-1/2 years to research and write.

   There are 187 pages of script, presented in 10 audio cassettes, narrated
by Jeff Dobkin himself.

     Over 294 pages of easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow marketing material
in 2 huge binders.  Including 100-Plus pages of reference data.

     All completely dedicated to one single objective: to prove you are just 25 words away from becoming rich.

     The Intelligent Testing System is the largest and most intense program ever published by The Danielle Adams Publishing Company.  If you have a product to sell - any product that can be sold through classified ads or direct mail - we offer you the absolute best, fastest inside education to learn how to sell it effectively and at the lowest costs.  

     If you’re looking for a product to sell, we hope you’ll join our Preferred Partner Team.  We offer a our marketing partners and affiliates a strong commission on each sale of The Intelligent Testing System.

      You are invited to become part of an elite team of very satisfied purchasers.  Quickly learn how to place 100 to 10,000 classified ads nationwide with a single phone call.  Get huge discounts on ad costs. You’ll love this easy to follow program.  Thanks again.


                              Kindest regards,

                                                   Jeffrey Dobkin

                              Jeffrey Dobkin

                        And the dedicated team who created

                          The Intelligent Testing System



   PS - Now you can get immediate access to much of this program material by downloading the ”REFERENCE DATA” and the “MARKETING” section of THE INTELLIGENT TESTING SYSTEM

     This immediate download includes everything execpt the audio portion of the program which isn't available digitally yet, just in cassettes.  Thanks.

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YES! I'd like to order this program for just $99.00 - an incredible $199.00 savings off the hard copy price.


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Download 80 pages of our promotional booklet

”Inside Secrets of the Intelligent Testing System!“! 

The Intelligent Testing System shows you how to buy huge blocks of classified ads at incredible discounts, and test this medium for your offers locally, statewide, or nationally.  Then, when you have a successful ad and product - you'll learn how to roll out your classified marketing campaign nationally. 

The same testing procedure is shown for direct mail: how to start with small inexpensive tests and when you create a successful mailing package - how to start mailing in larger and larger quantities.  This is the same program people have paid $300 to $500 for (but this version does not contain the audio portion—which is still available in limited quantities for an additional $100.  This audio portion is only available on cassette tapes). 

Over 400 pages of lean information - contains both marketing material and instruction and raw data - names, phone numbers, addresses for placing classified ads across the U.S.


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Learn Marketing Tips, Copywriting Techniques, & Direct Marketing Strategies