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This is a different kind of website.  It's informational.  

It's lean direct marketing information at its best: sometimes fun and funny, sometimes so dull and academic, we don't even like it.

Welcome to our marketing and direct marketing website.

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  Direct Marketing doesn't always have to be drab or boring just because the marketing books you read in school were dull and boring.  Yea, like you really read them.  Riiiight.  Hey, I told my parents I read them, too.  Yea, my parents didn't believe me, either.

Ahhh… college — best 9 years of my life.  Or was that high school?  I forget.  But that's not important now.  What's important now is that business is lousy and you need to make your phone ring.  We can help you with that.  Learn how to make your phone ring just by reading the articles on this site.  Go ahead, we'll wait…

Our lean and practical marketing information is written to be interesting, and amazingly helpful. Learn marketing tips and techniques that will make your phone ring - all presented in a breezy style of writing.

Direct marketing.  Direct mail. Direct-selling ads. Mailing lists.  PR.

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If you’re looking for direct marketing articles and direct marketing strategies that can ignite your marketing, direct marketing, sales, direct mail and PR campaigns… make them more effective AND lower your costs, you’re gonna like it here. Pull up a chair. Go on... we'll wait.

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    Our firm, The Danielle Adams Publishing Company, along with senior writer Jeff Dobkin, senior analyst, and our dedicated research and marketing team put together these practical and useful direct marketing tips and sweet copywriting techniques. 

    Hey, just look around — there's some fun stuff, too.  Cause if it ain't fun, why do it?  Life's too short to be serious all the time.  And by the way, we left some of the typos and misspellings in so you picky bastards would have something to complain about. Hey, if you noticed a typo and you're the last person to see it - it's actually your fault.  Stick around, we may need someone to blame for some other stuff, too.

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Learn Marketing Tips - and Direct Marketing Strategies

Learn Marketing Tips, Copywriting Techniques, & Direct Marketing Strategies