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Marketing and Direct Marketing e-Books
From The Danielle Adams Publishing Company

Featured Title: 2009 Edition - e-Book
 How To Market a Product for Under $500! 

  Yes, get instant access to the same book that has sold over 25,000 copies in bookstores.  This cult classic is a real reference tool that spells out a low cost marketing plan from a to z.  For both the novice who needs to know what a press release is, how to write one and get it placed; to the most advanced marketing professional who wants to learn the percent increase in response he can expect from mailing in the best months, to an in-depth review of the magazine directories (along with sample pages of each); mailing list selection criteria, to low cost tricks to increase direct mail response.  Includes how to find markets, how to reach them cost-effectively, and how to increase the response of press releases, ads, direct mail campaigns.  Almost 400 pages 8 x 10!  Now available instantly in this e-Book format - click here and order today, start using these methods tonight! Just $29.95.  Instant download.

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   UNcommon Marketing    Techniques 
Updated 2009

Jeffrey Dobkin's lean and practical marketing articles have been featured in over 300 magazines. There's a great reason: his signal to noise ratio is incredibly low.  No blah blah, no wasted words - just plenty of practical marketing and direct marketing information that you can use to make your own marketing 2x, 5x, 10x as effective.  Turn up your response in a few nights of easy reading and learn how to make your phone ring with the most effective campaigns on the planet.  Order now - start tonight. Just click the “Add to Cart” box, begin right now.  270 pages.  Thanks.  As always - we are here to help if you have questions.

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 Direct Marketing Strategies 
New ©2009

      The newest title from master direct marketer Jeffrey Dobkin. Follow him as he lightens up and presents some of his wildest and funniest columns: Dobkin's work has been featured in over 300 magazines.  But don't think it's all fun and games — this book has some of his most technical marketing articles, too.  All written in his own brilliant conversational style that makes marketing easy to read, easy to follow.  Almost fun.

      If you need to make your phone ring with the most effective marketing campaigns, learn the most effective tricks: buy this book with just a few clicks - right now.  You can't beat the reasonable price - hey, if you can't spend fifteen bucks on a great marketing book, your campaign isn't going to work, we're sure of that. 211 pages, 6 x 9". Buy this e-Book now and get Instant free delivery.

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 Successful Low Cost Direct Marketing Methods 

      A complete campaign.  If you're marketing a product or a service, you need to have this reference tool in your hands… and sooner than later. Hey... might as well order it now—start learning the real low cost way to market.  Learn the ins and outs of how to create successful direct mail, create responsive direct-selling ads; learn where to dig out markets where people are MOST likely to buy your goods and services and locate the media that reaches them. 
     This is an update of the cult classic, How To Market A Product for Under $500, so if you have that title you won't need this: same information but with a little looser treatment of the financial aspect.
     Order this e-Book — it's a wonderful value: easy to read, information is deep, clearly presented and it's an in-depth reference tool you'll refer to over and over again.  A complete marketing manual - everything you need to know about Marketing, PR, Direct Mail, Advertising.  For doing it yourself or excellent for working with agencies - keeping them in check and balanced. 385 pages, 8 x 10". Order now, immediate download delivery.

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    234 Pages of fun!
 Available in ebook or paperback -  5-1/2" x 8-1/2
   Life's Too Short… 
              to dance with ugly women. 
   Edited by Dr. Mann · Paperback: Just $9.95 + $4 S&H
Life's too Short…
To Dance with Ugly Women.

Jokes, one-liners and quotes about man's favorite subject!

Very, very funny.           
Just $9.95

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~ The Intelligent Testing System ~

Download our 4 page ITS brochure FREE!

Download our FREE 80 page  booklet

”Inside Secrets of the Intelligent Testing System!“

   — The Intelligent Testing System —
      Market Most Anything Through Classified and Direct Mail

This is absolutely the best classified ad program ever written! 

And that's not just our opinion... it's... OK, it's our opinion.  But just wait till you see what you can do with classified ads:  Make them work for you - how and why.  What to say, how to write effective ads, and how to structure your entire campaign.  How to purchase classifieds cheaply, state by state in a single phone call.  In fact...

The Intelligent Testing System shows you how to TEST small quantities on classified ads until you fine-tune your offer, and your product mix.  (Don't have any products - learn what to sell and where to get them!).  Then the Intelligent Testing System program shows you how to buy huge blocks of classified ads locally and test your offer.  Once successful at a local level, you'll learn how to buy classified ads statewide.  When your state classified campaign is working well, you'll learn how and where to purchase classified ads nationally - all at incredible discounts, and with a single phone call!  You'll learn to test classified ads for all your offers. 

When you have a successful classified ad campaign that's working well - you'll learn how to roll out your classified marketing campaign statewide, then advertise nationally. It's easy!

This is a complete course in classified ads and includes a huge marketing manual, work pages, and complete advertising rates and (although it's a little older) complete data for thousands of newspapers. This is a real reference tool with tons of incredible data that took over 2-1/2 years to research and compile.  But wait - there's more...

The best "How-To" Direct Mail Program, included FREE!

How do you make money in direct mail without taking a huge loss up front?  Start out small.  Test small mailings, and continue mailing only when your direct mail piece makes money!

The same testing procedure that you used for classified ads - placing just a few classifieds as a test and continuing only when successful - is shown for direct mail: how to start with small inexpensive test mailings, and when you create a successful direct mail package - learn how to start mailing in larger and larger quantities.  Testing is one of the best attributes of any direct mail campaign so you never ever lose money.  And this program is all about testing - both classified ads and direct mail.  Any questions?  610-642-1000 rings in our office, and we're always happy to help.  Yea, we're real people...

The Intelligent Testing System is the same program people have paid $300 to $500 for (but this version does not contain the audio portion—which is still available in limited quantities for an additional $100.  This audio portion is only available on cassette tapes). 

Over 400 pages of lean information - contains both marketing material, complete instructions and raw data - names, phone numbers, addresses for placing classified ads across the U.S. 

FREE GIFT with your order: Order now and get our “How To Buy a Great Mailing List” audio FREE with your order!  Just click to order through Google Checkout or PayPal, or use any credit card with secure processing through our merchant processor, e-junkies. 

BUY NOW — Just $99, Get Instant Access

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Audio Presentation at Mailcom, The Nation's Largest Mailer's Event

~ 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes ~

   What makes Jeffrey Dobkin's presentations so wonderful… is it the huge amounts of practical ideas he brings to each presentation?  Is it the stale jokes but who cares they're still funny?  Is it the sheer volume of new ideas on how to increase the response you receive of any mailing you do?  Well, yes — it's all of these.  Plus, while fame and fortune go to lots of peoples' heads, Jeffrey is still a nice guy, humbled by the entrepreneurs and the people that buy his products — read his books, listen-to the audios and use his practical information to become more successful in their marketing.

    OK, so he makes fun of a lot of stuff, and a few people, but underneath that gruff exterior there's a heart of gold: reflective, cold and hard.  But let's not mince words here.  Just buy this audio and give a listen.  If you don't like it, let us know.  Jeff will moan and cry like a baby but reluctantly he'll issue a refund, just like he did several years ago to the last person who complained, "OH, I downloaded this audio program and there was nothing on it, the file was blank!" 

   As Jeff put it to her, so to speak, “Hey, get a life.  We have better things to do than clean up our sloppy HTML code.  Just buy something else and we're sure it'll be good to go.  Sure, it might have taken us eight months, but we sent her a rebate check and I personally included a photo of me and a couple of coupons for a discount at Denny's that I got out of the newspaper that day.  You'd think some people would be appreciative, but apparently not our clientele.”  See what I mean, Jeff's a good guy at heart - sending photos and discount coupons for a national chain restaurant.  We're so sure you'll enjoy this audio - as with all our products - it comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee.  Please order now.  Thanks.

Get Instant Access - Order Now.

Just $19.95

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  — Audio Series Audio Programs —

Jeffrey Dobkin/Markus Allen

       · In Studio Session - “How To Buy A Great Mailing List”

  · Thanksgiving Day Marketing Podcast for Retailers


Jeffrey Dobkin
    Live at the National Postal Forum, Washington D.C. 
  Session Title: The Top Ten in Direct Marketing

Jeffrey Dobkin
      Live at Mailcom, the Nation's Largest Mailing Forum
     Session Title: 60 Direct Marketing Ideas in 60 Minutes


Now Get this incredible In-Studio Audio Program from 
The Danielle Adams Publishing Company
Featuring the Voice, Wit and Wisdom of Danielle Adams Publishing — Jeffrey Dobkin
Without all the typos and poor spellings.

 How To Buy a Great Mailing List 
Jeffrey Dobkin Interviewed by Markus Allen

The success of your mailings depends on your list.
Yeah — It's as simple as that. Wrong list = no response, no orders.

The selection of the best possible mailing list is the single most important key to getting maximum response from any and every direct mail campaign. But where do you find the best list? 

  • Where do you find the best list sources?
  • How do you tightly specify a list?
  • Which are the best list segments from within each mailing list?
Order this audio now and in just one hour you'll learn about mailing lists -
and you'll speak the language like a pro. Learn the answers to:
What questions do you ask a list vendor?
  • How much does a mailing list cost?
  • What's the best number of names to mail to test a list.
  • What questions do you ask a mailing list vendor that will make sure
  •    the list you select has the freshest, most recent names?
  • Which lists will give you the least returns? What lists always rank the highest for deliverabilty.
  • What segments should you test FIRST?
  • What specific questions should you ask that will reveal if the list has been tested and was successful to other mailers?
  • What questions will reveal is the list is a dud, and others aren't successful mailing to it?
  • How do you negotiate with list vendors to get the best price?

This is a one hour, no bs, practical course in mailing lists. You can learn more useful information about mailing lists in one hour than you can in a full year of direct marketing classes in any college. Markus Allen knows what questions to ask (he owned a mail house for years), and Dobkin has both the experience of a buyer and a seller of mailing lists - has the in-depth working knowledge to provide the answers.

If you mail anything, or are even just thinking about mailing anything, this will be the absolute best twenty bucks you can spend anywhere. Buy this audio, listen to it again and again and take notes. your mailing success is only as good as your list. And this audio shows you exactly how to buy the best mailing list.


Buy this full hour audio right now, and get two of Jeffrey Dobkin's articles on mailing lists FREE:
1. How to tell if your mailing will make money BEFORE you mail it.
Gives you a great way to figure out if your mailing will be profitable BEFORE
         you put out a dime in creating the mailing package and/or mailing costs.
         Crisp and to the point.

2. Free Catalogs of Mailing Lists.
        Dobkin went through his direct marketing magazine collection and called every mailing list
        company that had an ad in one of the issues and asked for their catalog. In this article he writes
        an exact description of the catalog he received from each, and gives their phone numbers.
       These two articles sent FREE with your order.

Jeffrey Dobkin ·  Almost Live Audio Presentation at the U.S. Post Office

National Postal Forum

Washington, D.C.

     Enjoy this fun and humorous presentation to a cold room at 10:30 AM to kick off the National Postal Forum in Washington, D.C.  Hear Jeff in one of his few sober moments on his road trip to the the nation's capital.  Follow Jeff as he keeps hung-over conference attendees awake through his fun-filled presentation on increasing response through effective direct mail. 

     You'll enjoy this presentation even if it's only to listen to Jeff's stale jokes, but you'll stay tuned-in for all the lean and practical tips he gives throughout.  This presentation is extracted from his newest book, The Top Ten in Direct Marketing, due out in 2010.  Please make sure you are on our mailing list to receive notification when this book is ready — be the first on your block to purchase a real copy (signed by Jeff) or download the e-book version from our website.  Thanks.

     This is a great presentation and as all our products, comes with a money back guarantee of complete satisfaction.  Thank you for shopping our site, and ordering our products.  We appreciate your business.

Reasonably Priced at just $19.95

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        NEW - Limited Time FREE Offer:        

Marketing and direct marketing information specialist Jeffrey Dobkin 
kindly offers a compilation of his works at an incredible discounted price.

         Order now and get this e-book cult classic:

· How To Market a Product for Under $500

               Then buy his Full One-Hour Audio,
· How To Buy a Great Mailing List
        (A wonderful in-studio interview of Dobkin by Markus Allen)

    Then Get TWO MORE   

· Uncommon Marketing Techniques, plus

· Direct Marketing Strategies!

Buy 2 get 2 FREE! 
Get All Four incredible informational products for the awesome price of   Just $59.95.

      No history, no theory, and no bs — these marketing and direct marketing books and audio are the real deal for marketing anything (OFFline)!  They show you everything you need to know to successfully bring a product to the attention of a national marketplace, in under 6 months — for under $500. 

      You’ll learn about markets - what they are, how to define them, where to find them and how to analyze markets and market segments.  You’ll learn about direct marketing, direct mail and how to create winning direct mail packages and responsive direct mail campaigns.  

      Learn magazine advertising from the ground up.
 from a master with over 30 years experience!  Learn how to find all the magazines that serve the markets you’re interested in, then learn the inside secrets of how to buy magazine ad space at huge discounts.  Learn the tricks of successful magazine advertising: negotiation, testing, ad placement, circulation analysis — written in easy-to-understand plain English but also includes all the technical mumbo jumbo — in case you’re, you know… a marketing geek, and interested in that technical side of it, too.

      Learn in-depth secrets and tricks of PR: 
   Learn everything, every detail about press releases, getting ink, writing successful press releases and tips for successful placements.  Learn how to create winning press campaigns — again and again.

      Working with an advertising agency?  
   Here’s how to get an ad or advertising campaign that you like from your agency… the first time.  See what they’re doing right, and what they’re not doing for you that they should be doing - and tell them to do it.  Or, show them how…

      Learn all about direct marketing and direct mail!  
   Read well-over 100 pages just on the specifics of how you or your team can create successful direct mail campaigns.  Learn how to increase the response from any and every mailing. Copywriting secretes it took Dobkin years to learn are all spelled out for you plain and simple - and how to use them effectively.

      Then, take your mailings to the next levels of success with a full hour audio on finding, specification, and negotiation on buying the right mailing lists.  Your mailing is only as good as your list.  Your list the most critical element of any mailing - learn how to make the right list selection — the first time. This hour long tutorial is worth ten, twenty times, fifty times the cost of this package.

     All this for $59.95?  Yes.  If you are ever marketing a product, sending direct mail or placing any advertising it would be a crime to not purchase - and study - the wealth of practical information in this unbelievably insightful package.  It's like an entire 4-year college course in marketing.  But, better: faster, easier and certainly more enjoyable to learn; and no history, no theory and no bs.  And what an incredible offer, buy 2 get 2 absolutely FREE.  What an incredible value!

     Almost the complete written works of Jeffrey Dobkin - but don’t worry, he’ll write more.  Please order now - this offer may be rescinded at any time.  Click now to order.  Best forty bucks you’ll ever spend on a complete collection of successful practical, useful marketing techniques from a master marketer and wonderful writer.  All written in his own brilliant and breezy conversational style — that makes Dobkin's work easy to understand, easy to follow and just a downright pleasure to read.  And yes, we’ll guarantee that. 

     This really is an unbelievable package and an incredible value - it would be foolish to pass all this up for just sixty bucks.  We have had -0- returns to date.  It’s a master’s course in successful, practical marketing methods, for just sixty dollars.  We guarantee it's absolutely amazing what marketing insights you'll learn in a few nights of enjoyable reading and listening.  Please order now.  Thanks.

     Add to Cart-- All 4 titles / bundle for Just $59.95  

Direct Response Letters —
                               Written just to make your phone ring

Jeffrey Dobkin's Direct Response Letter Series 

For Insurance Agencies ···

Insurance Sales Letters - Set of 12 Letters —

We've distilled our awesome series of Insurance Sales Letters to fulfill a single objective: to make your phone ring.  And that's exactly what each letter does - our series of 12 individual Insurance Sales Letters make customers and prospects call you. 

All 12 letters are just $300 complete - for the entire set.  Written - and Designed - in Microsoft Word.

If you were to have Dobkin write these for you, the cost would be about ten grand (really - personalized letters written by Jeffrey Dobkin cost between $850 and $1,250 per page.)  This whole set is just $300 for unlimited personal use from your business (site licensing is slightly more).  Mail as many times as you wish - these letters make your phone ring.

Insurance Sales Letters - Set of 12, Just $300 
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New —

For Financial Advisers  ···

~ Direct Response Letter Series  2  For the Financial Adviser Community ~

~ A 12 letter series for Financial Advisers ~

     Twelve letters that do one thing: they get your phone to ring
     Written in a straightforward style you'll be happy to send.  Letters address financial products and services - and the choices clients have, the extraordinary financial community services you offer, the exceptional customer service your clients will receive when they CALL YOU RIGHT NOW!.  And they'll call - this series was written and designed to make your phone ring!  Please call 610-642-1000 to order or to receive a FREE sample letter.  To order, it's just $25/letter - $300 for the set of 12.

Since these letter appear so personal, we restrict the sales of these letters to one firm per zip code or city.  Please call for availability in your area.  Thanks.

We're still working on this one:
– Letter Series 3. For the Affiliate and Network Marketing Community –
Please call to inquire, we're just about finished!

~ Hard Disk ~
Purchase the complete mind of Jeffrey Dobkin.  On disk, anyhow.
Every thought, every email, every scribble.  All his newest writing.  All the old stuff that quite frankly, never came out that well and he never released. All the newest articles, letters, books, conceptual work - everything.  All his new programs, art, photos.  What he's working on now.  Everything.  Just $29,000.00.  Please call to order.  All comes in a new upscale Mac - purchased the day you order this special.


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