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How To Buy a Great Mailing List
Jeffrey Dobkin (In-Studio Interview by Markus Allen)

The success of your mailings depends on your list.
     Yeah — It's as simple as that. Wrong list = no response, no orders.

The selection of the best possible mailing list is the single most important element in getting maximum response from any and every direct mail campaign. But where do you find the best list? 

  • Where do you find the best list sources?
  • How do you tightly specify a list?
  • Which are the best list segments from within each mailing list?
Order this audio right now… and in just one hour you'll learn so much about mailing lists - you'll speak the language like a pro.  Learn the answers to:
What are the best questions do you ask a list vendor? Also learn:
  • How much does a mailing list cost?
  • What's the best number of names to mail to test a list.
  • What questions do you ask a mailing list vendor that will make sure the list you select has the freshest, most recent names?
  • Which lists will give you the least mail piece returns?
  • What lists always rank the highest for deliverabilty.
  • What segments should you test FIRST?
  • What specific questions should you ask that will reveal if the list has
              been tested and was successful to other mailers?
  • What questions will reveal if the list is a dud, and other mailers aren't successful?
  • PLUS: order now and learn how to negotiate like a professional:  Discover the specifics of how to negotiate with list vendors to get the best lists — at the best discounts and prices.

      This is a one hour, no bs, practical course in mailing lists.
     Learn more useful information about mailing lists in one hour than you can learn in a full year of direct marketing classes in any college. Markus Allen knows what questions to ask (he owned a mail house for years), and Dobkin has both the experience of a buyer and a seller of mailing lists - and has the in-depth working knowledge to provide the answers.

    If you mail anything at all, or are even just thinking about mailing anything, this will be the absolute best twenty bucks you can spend anywhere. Buy this audio, listen to it again and again and take notes—your mailing success is only as good as your list. And this audio shows you exactly how and where to buy the best mailing lists at the best prices.


Buy this full hour audio right now, and get two of Jeffrey Dobkin's articles on mailing lists FREE:
1. How to tell if your mailing will make money BEFORE you mail it.
Gives you a great way to figure out if your mailing will be profitable BEFORE
         you put out a dime in creating the mailing package and BEFORE you invest in mailing costs.
         Crisp and to the point.

2. Free Catalogs of Mailing Lists.
        Dobkin went through his direct marketing magazine collection and called every mailing list
        company that had an ad in one of the issues and asked for their catalog. In this article he  
        writes an exact description of the catalog he received from each, and gives you their phone
        number so you can get the catalog for yourself.    These two articles sent FREE with your order.

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Jeffrey Dobkin ·  Audio Presentation at the U.S. Post Office

Nation Postal Forum

Washington, D.C.

     Enjoy this fun, humorous and expert direct marketing presentation to a cold room at 10:30 AM to kick off the Nation Postal Forum in Washington, D.C.  Hear Jeff in one of his few sober moments on this road trip to the the nation's capital.  Follow Jeff as he keeps hung-over conference attendees awake through his fun-filled presentation on effective direct mail.  You'll enjoy this presentation even if it's only to listen to Jeff's stale jokes, but you'll stay tuned-in for all the lean and practical tips he gives throughout.  This presentation is a part of his newest book, The Top Ten in Direct Marketing, due out in 2012.  Please make sure you are on our mailing list to receive notification when this book is ready — be the first on your block to purchase a real copy (signed by Jeff) or download a copy from our site.  Thanks.

This is a great presentation and as all our products, comes with a money back guarantee of complete satisfaction.  Thank you for shopping our site, and ordering our products.  We appreciate your business.  Today's entrepreneurs are our heroes.

Reasonably Priced at just $19.95

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Lose Weight while you watch TV

Sounds easy, but can it really be true? 
Yes, we think so -- by using the same training method some of the Olympic athletes use: Subliminal Training.

This audio program created by Dobkin is a set of affirmations you play on your computer or through your audio device like an iPod.  You turn the sound up just enough to barely hear it, then sit down to watch your favorite shows.  While your conscious watches and listens to the TV, your subconscious mind is listening to the affirmations on our audio program.  You can't hear it, but you're receiving input saying:
· I eat more vegetables
· I enjoy eating vegetables

· I eat slowly

· My body burns fat

· I am thin

· I am healthy

· I feel full

Over and over you hear these messages but only in your subconscious mind.  And your subconscious automatically acts to self-fulfill the messages.  Our quick weight loss audio download is only $29.95 and you can order online, or get more information here:

Danielle Adams Quick Weight Loss Subliminal Tapes at  DanielleAdamsAudio

This will open in a new window of our weight loss site, and you can read a full in-depth explanation of how this program works.  You'll also find a full list of the affirmations we use in this quick weight loss program.

As with all our products - we appreciate your purchase.  If you ever have any questions - always feel free to call us directly at 610-642-1000.  This phone number rings in our offices, and on Jeffrey Dobkin's desk.  Thanks.