Learn Marketing Tips, Copywriting Techniques, & Direct Marketing Strategies
A 75-Point Checklist for Your Direct Mail
· Teaser Copy - Objective: get package opened
·  Use the Jeff Dobkin 100-to-1 Rule: write 100 lines, go back and pick out your best one
     Remember - people sort their mail over the wastebasket - your teaser better be G-R-E-A-T!
·  Best General Teaser Line Ever?
        “Gift Certificate Enclosed”
            Cheap to print
            Light to ship
            High perceived value
            Direct at overstocked or deep    
               margin merchandise
            Easy to track
  Next Best:   FREE Gift Offer
        Check enclosed [offer]
        Wholesale pricing enclosed
        Write on every envelope “Open Immediately…”
·  Alternate to teaser
Name and business address on corner card
Corporate headquarters on corner card
Fake check in window
·  Postage
    Printed stamp, actual stamp, meter, or indicia
    Recommend: “Standard Mail”
        Pitney Bowes Stamp with “Bulk Rate”
        in very small letters, vertical.
    Bulk Rate Design - is now “Standard Mail” -
        Don’t you dare say bulk rate!
    Indicia with very, very small “Bulk Rate”
Postal Discounts
    ·  Start with envelope size first and work backward - Envelope is where you START your package design. 
        Keep size in mind when creating interior
    ·  Make sure your envelope won’t cause additional mailing expense
        Window or closed face?
        Window - more business oriented. Official looking.
            Better than labels, which are always my last choice
        ·  Great teaser can overcome a label
        Direct imaging on envelope - best
            Builds credibility
    Order Early - envelopes often have the longest lead time. Inside Tint - not expensive but needs still more time
Order Card

Criteria For Success:
    ·  Can someone order from this card if they found it laying on their desk? 
    ·  Would they want to?
·  Graphics match offer - but mostly match audience!
    ·  Mark it “Rush Order Form!”
Would you rather order from an order form or a Rush Order Form!
·  The order card should contain a brief recap of the entire offer, including price, free gift, guarantee - so savvy prospects can order directly from this card after they throw everything else out.  Make sure someone finding this card can - and will want to - order.
·  Don’t beat around the bush - it’s no secret this is the order card!  Top of Form:
    ___Yes!  Please Rush Me…
    ___Yes!  Send me my 3 FREE GIFTS!
Address Block:
    Room for name, address, and phone - with 14-point leading (Hey, all you old guys - remember leading?  With real lead?)
    Leave appropriate room for information -
        State only needs room for 2 letters.  Anything else is a waste. Phone only needs 10 spaces. Any arguments?
    Room for card number and expire date. 
    ·  Smaller block for signature.  Reason:  Would you rather be able to read the credit card numbers clearly, or read the signature (which you probably won’t be able to read anyhow - it’s a formality)?
    For clearest printing or numbers:  Half vertical line set to one pica (12 points) for each.  To get a vertical line thin and short, use a smaller point size (5 or 6 point) |__|__|__ not |_|_|_, and also adjust underscore width by character size.
·  Leave a prominent place for the list code
·  Color different offers/prices cards differently - easier for cashiering
·  BEST: Pre-print your order card with a name and address - you can then use it as the address label to show through a window envelope.  This makes it easiest to capture priority code list and offer data
·  Copy Point: Encourage calls.  Show your TOLL FREE PHONE NUMBER in LARGE NUMBERS.  Don’t forget, even though this is an order card, still go for the CALL - it’s the FASTEST, and most immediate, gratification for customers, and the fastest, most positive way to get orders for you.  Say “For fastest delivery order TOLL FREE - CALL 800-234-4332!”  Encourage questions: “Your questions are also most welcome!” because they encourage sales.
            I talk to people who only have websites - and don’t encourage people to call.  I have a name for them:  “Less busy.”  Sure, you can get away with this if you’re AT&T. 
·  Copy Point: Write “PLEASE PRINT” over the fill-in name and address area so customers do
·  Copy Point: “Please include correct amount or your order will be delayed!” This line helps insure correct amount is enclosed with order.
·  Include your Guarantee
Place your guarantee in a graphic that shouts “Yo Buddy - here’s your GUARANTEE!” Box it off with a few embellishments.  If your guarantee is “We shall sell no wine before its time,” you may want to look around for a better one.
    Need a great guarantee?  There are lots of great guarantees - just get a few catalogs.
·  Make sure your order card fits in the order envelope.  You’ll only make this mistake once!
·  Get free spec samples from the paper houses - make sure everything fits.
·  Can you pre-address the order form or order card?  This insures you’ll get your Priority Code number (for tracking).
·  Include your company name and address on form - in case someone needs to know it!
    Bottom Line: The order card should contain everything a customer needs to know about your offer, so they can order directly from the order form after they throw everything else out
·  Check to make sure it FITS into the Reply Envelope again.

Reply Envelope

Do you need this?  Only if you want a reply!
·  Order the envelope early - it usually has the longest delivery time.
·  Checklist of what must be printed on envelope
        “Order Form Enclosed”
“Payment or Credit Card information enclosed”
        “Name and shipping address - no PO boxes, please.”
    Everything else is secondary
·  ”From” box in corner (customer fills in)
This is your second chance to make sure you have their name and address spelled correctly if you can’t make out their writing on the order form
·  Check blocks for
__Rush Order Enclose
__Entry (into contest) Enclosed
__Correspondence Enclosed
        Separate these in early pre-processing before cashiering
·  Use Special Colors - big blocks of it - or overall tint = Better Delivery!!!! I guarantee this will help if you’re PO BOX 13749602
        Different tints can show different prices, different offers, different lists
·  Include your phone number for questions (and orders)
    When you get a question call, ask if you can take the order now.  You’ll get $$faster, they’ll get their order faster - it will be a better experience, you’ll get more re-orders.
Does everything fit? 
·  Insert components in what order?  Don’t let the mailhouse set the order, or which way each piece is facing.
·  Is this a limited mailing of a personalized campaign? For best response here - place a live stamp on the reply envelope.
·  Don’t forget on back of envelope to print “For Questions Or For Fastest Delivery Call Us TOLL FREE: 800-234-4332!”