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    No matter what you’re selling, you can sell it easier and faster, and get a greater response by using these custom-written sales letters to sell your product or program.

    We help our network marketing friends and affiliate partners with a vast array of marketing material.  And as you would suspect from a firm that specializes in direct marketing - a complete series of strong, responsive letters play an important part in generating income for us and our clients.  

    Here are descriptions - and examples - of some of the letters that our senior writer, Jeffrey Dobkin, has written to increase response to any Affiliate, Network Marketing or MLM Program.   

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    These letters are so different than anything that’s out there.  Here's why they are so effective:  We’ll let Jeffrey explain
in his own words how he wrote each letter, and his thinking on how he crafted each word, each phrase and paragraph to be so effective and double, triple, get 5x — 10x the response you're getting now. 

     This first letter is his “Christmas Letter.”  A one-page powerhouse of persuasion.  This letter is tried and tested and proven to absolutely make your phone ring when sent to the right list, or offered to the right audience on the Internet.

 ~  The Christmas Letter ~ 

    Jeffrey Dobkin says:

    “This is one of the most powerful letters I’ve ever written.  
    “Everyone - or at least all my friends - seems to get depressed around the holidays.  Mostly - it’s about having not quite enough money to go around.  In this letter I actualize this up front, then offer to show readers a better way to make money than what they’re doing now if they will just call.  I emphasize how their life can change… with just a simple phone call…”

Good Morning, Scott…

    This is the last time I’m going to spend
Christmas like this:

    I’ve been looking at all the great toys for the kids in all the ads in the papers, and then shopping at the dollar stores.

    I’ve been thinking about what I want, and what I want for those people I’m close to - and how that just isn’t going to happen again this year.

    Every week I look for what’s on sale - at the discount stores.

    I’ve told myself I have champagne taste and live on a beer budget so many times I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get to open that bottle of champagne.

    If you’re like me, this isn’t what you want either…”

    “This letter,” Dobkin says, “continues with a very, very strong pitch for changing your life for the better.  But mostly - as all my letters - it encourages people to call.  This letter has a range for mailing dates from late October to the end of January.”

    Make your phone ring.  Get maximum response from your mail, website or those emails you've been sending right now! Order these response-heavy letters, instantly download them and send them out within minutes!  Get the response you need for all your affiliate, home-based opportunity and network marketing offers!

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Here's samples of what you get in this dynamic package of direct marketing sales letters:

 ~ This Simple Letter ~ 

Dobkin says:

    “The concept for this letter is to make a strong, powerful, statement.  In one of my more persuasive letters, I ask readers to work smarter, not longer hours, to make more money.  As in all my letters, the most prominent single objective is to make people pick up the phone right now and call you.”

    When I asked Dobkin why he didn’t sell the products in the letter, he said “Getting someone to call from a letter — well, that’s the best the letter can do — make the phone ring.  Then it’s up to you to sell your product or program.  

    “It’s much easier,” he continued, “for a person to sell something on the phone than to try to get a sale directly from a sheet of paper or a website.  Since it’s not product-dependent, to judge the success of the letter built on this foundation [to make someone call] is quite simple: if the phone rings, the letter is a total success.”

        “This simple letter could change your life.”  

Dear Colleague,

      There’s a way to work smarter - not harder or longer - to earn more money.  If hard work made you rich, chambermaids and ditch diggers would be rich. 
But they’re not.  They just
work hard - but they don’t work smart.”

    Further down in the letter, Dobkin shows readers very directly how things can change - with a spectacular list of bulleted points centered in the letter to entice readers to call you:

    · Start out in your home - or your office.
    · Work just a half an hour a week, or 3 or 4

    · Work whenever you want, however much you want
    · Make money - even on your days off and thru

    · You you have no boss - you call ALL of your own
            shots, answer to no one!           

    · NO PERSONAL SELLING necessary
    · And your choice—market how you like: mail, email,
          website, no soliciting telephone calls, ever!

    And the work?  Easy: it’s placing tiny classified ads, or… sending direct mail letters. I’ll show you everything you need to get started — right in your own home.  Call me right now for our free…“

   This is a hard-pulling responsive letter is designed to be used for business opportunity lists, network marketing and MLM lists, affiliate marketing, and home-business magazine subscriber lists.  Online it’s suited well for affiliate programs and home business offers.

    Order these response sizzling letters for your own campaign.  Order right now and see what a great response you can bring to your bottom line.  Just send these letters out - or modify and use online: both website and e-mail!  Great pulling letters you NEED in your marketing war chest to increase response.  Order now.

~ A Sizzling Audio Letter ~

    A letter pointing your reader to listen to your audio is great when you need a longer sales platform to explain your offer.  And, some people just respond better to a real human voice.  This letter is great for this 2 Step Sales process.

    Just listen to the audio and get rich?  

    No, it’s not quite that simple, but it’s certainly the start of a new way to make money.  With a strong and forceful copy platform Dobkin’s objective in this letter and web series copywriting is to drive readers to listen to the audio - which you may have enclosed with the letter, or placed on your internet site.  

  Says Dobkin:

   “We know it’s expensive to include a disc or tape in a letter mailing.  And, it’s tough to drive people to a particular website; so I struggled hard to find the perfect words to satisfy the objectives of this letter: make the reader listen to the audio.  The audio — on the tape, disc or on the internet — then drives the reader to call you, then of course you make the sale.”

    Just as it was true a few years ago when Dobkin originally wrote this letter, it’s still true today: this letter works hard to drive people to your internet site to listen to your MP3 audio or watch your video.  Times change… but not that much.  Originally written for The Intelligent Testing System, this letter is easily modified for your own particular platform.  CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE FREE SAMPLE LETTER PAGE.

    “I’m sure this is one of the most incredible
statements you’ve heard
in the past year or so:

    “Just listen to this audio, follow the directions and it will change your life - I promise.  You’ll make money! 
Just listen to this audio!  Do it now!”  

”Dear Scott,

    Have you’ve ever dreamed of being wealthy?  Having steady streams of income, just working part time - like the guys on TV?  And having more fun, and more time to enjoy your family, your friends and your life!  

    Now it’s as easy as this to start: just listen to this audio.

    Yes, it’s really that magic and that simple.  Can you spare about 10 minutes - because that’s all I’m asking for - for the chance to change your life.  Don’t believe me?  Listen for yourself.   The audio explains how to make money from your own home, in your spare time, easily.

If I can show you how to make more money (in classified ads, on the Internet or by sending direct mail) than you now make in your regular job, would you be interested?  

    I’ll tell you why I’m asking - because if you can create one successful 25 word ad, ONE SINGLE SUCCESSFUL 25 WORD AD, it’s possible that you could become rich - just from that one ad!  And I will show you exactly how to do it.  Exactly.  I leave nothing to chance, in our tested and proven method.

    Where’s the catch?  There is none:

    • There is no Stock or Inventory to Purchase…
    • There is no...

      This letter goes on to persuade people to listen to your audio.  It’s just one of the letters you receive when you order this letter series - now instantly available online.

      Originally these letters sold for $399.00 to $699.00 like some of Jeff Dobkin's other letter series.  Now, you can get them through the Internet for the amazing low download price of just $79 — just slightly over 5 bucks a letter!  

These letters - if you had Dobkin write them just for you - would cost over $5,000.00.  (Yes, he gets $1,200 a page to write and design a letter!)  Now they can all be yours for just $5.26 each - incredible. 
Yes, you can order this full set of marketing letters for Just $79.  Imagine, just $79 for all 15 of Jeffrey Dobkin's hardest-hitting, most responsive direct marketing sales letters.

   Once you purchase these letters, they’re yours to personally use forever. Use them over and over, again and again — forever.  Use them in all your campaigns.  To make sure you get this great price, order right now as we reserve the right to increase the price at any time.

~ Audio — Letter II ~

     Since the explosion of audio and video on the internet, here’s a second, Harder-Selling Pitch for “Listen to this audio.”

     Face it - when you go to all the expense of enclosing a disc or tape in with a letter, or making a sound track or video, everything in marketing changes.  Your costs accelerate, and you need to increase response and sales to break even - and receive even more response and sales to make money. 

    The same is true on the web - with so much stuff out there it’s really tough to drive people to your site and have them hang around long enough to listen to your hard-selling audio pitch.  Seems like everyone is offering a seminar, video webinar or audio these days.  People just don’t have that much time.

Dobkin says:

  “The sole objective of this letter is no longer to read the letter and call.  Although that is our ultimate objective and we write and design most of our letters so that the maximum number of readers call, the objective of this letter is to get the reader to listen to the enclosed disc or your internet audio - and then call.  

    “This two-step selling platform is used for a number of reasons: you need a higher level of inquiry, a better qualified lead, or you want to knock out early a few of the people who most likely won’t qualify for your offer.  These are sound reasons to place an intermediary step in your marketing cycle.

“Perhaps your mailing package that you send to prospects is expensive.  This is where a it's more effective to highly-qualify a lead up front, so you'll have less wasted expense in back-end conversions.”

    Heck, it’s expensive to enclose a disc. Our objective is to get as many qualified recipients to listen to the audio included in the package to yield maximum response.

    So, this letter is just a little more pushy than most of Jeffrey's writing.  But Dobkin writes it to get the job done with those that need that extra muscle and a harder push to motivate people to listen to the audio, so a qualified lead will pick up the phone and call.  

    This letter works best for workingman lists: people who use their hands in the jobs they do.  Also works well for opportunity seekers, work at home moms, and where home-based business pitches thrive. For people with a tough life, who really work hard for a living, this is an excellent package.  

    If this is your audience, would you pay just $5.26 for a letter from a master of letter writing that brings in maximum response?  Yes, we thought so.  Order this letter package today and get the entire collection of letters from one of the masters of direct response, Jeffrey Dobkin.

Dear Entrepreneur,

    If you’ve ever dreamed of being wealthy, having a steady income, just working part time, and having more time to enjoy your family and your friends, now it’s as easy as listening to the enclosed audio.

    Don’t believe it?  See for yourself - just pop this disc (click on this play now button) into a player and tune in to something incredible.  You can learn how to make money with one of the simplest businesses available.

    Where’s the catch?  There is none: • There is no Stock or Inventory to Purchase • You need no Special Knowledge of Any Industry • You make no Cash Collections • You have no Employees - and you don’t ship anything!  The program comes with a complete money-back guarantee.  Interested?

Here are the benefits:

    · Nothing to stock, no large inventory of any kind!
    · Work out of your home or from an office, it            simply doesn’t matter.
    · Start in your spare time, work part time—              forever.     
    · Set your own hours - work when you want!
    · Work SMARTER - not harder or longer hours - to
           earn more income.


      This letter continues to hard-sell readers, enticing them to play the audio.  It makes people eager to listen to your message.  Need to kick up your response to people listening to your audio (or video) message?  This letter, just $5.26 when purchased as part of our promotional letter series.  Order now.  Thank you.

~ Request Audio Letter ~

    Tired of the expense and hassle of mailing audio disks? Don't want your audio to get out uncontrollably?  There's an alternate to this in our sales letter package that may be just right for you, your colleagues, your downline (ask about our group licensing our letters) and your affiliates. 

   The Request Audio Letter in our sales letter package asks people to call or click for the free disc or audio download that you are offering.  This way you don’t have to enclose a disc in your letter, but only send one to people interested enough to respond.  As in most of Dobkin’s letters, the OBJECTIVE of this letter is to get people to call… this time for the disc or your permission to download the audio file.

Internet: This letter also works when you’d like people to request that you to unlock your audio on the web.  Or, require visitors send you an e-mail or sign up for your mailing list to receive your audio file.  

    If you’d like to track response, see just who’s listening, and not let your audio get out to any and every person who comes along, this “Request Audio” letter is for you.  

    Just part of our complete letter package. Order this complete package of Jeffrey Dobkin's amazing direct marketing letters - 15 in all, for just $25.26 each, $379 total.  What an incredible value at just $25.26 a letter!  Order today, we reserve the right to rescind this offer, or change the price at any time.  Thanks.


~ Letter Title: “Ever Dream?” ~

Are you Just 25 words away from becoming rich?

    This is the lead letter for Dobkin's own Intelligent Testing System program.

     You'll love this letter but more importantly your readers will love this letter - and respond to it. 

     This letter paints a picture of the dream. But it's a hard, hard-sell for the phone call to get the FREE informational booklet you publish - which in turn, explains your program in more depth, then sells the benefits of your program.  

    You’ll experience high conversion rates from people who become purchasers of your programs - this letter sell the dream (and the phone call) to those who are interested in making money.

    The original letter was written by Jeff Dobkin for his own classified ad program, The Intelligent Testing System, but can easily be modified for your own program parameters - like if you market on the Internet.

Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

    Are you just 25 words away from being RICH?

    I think you are.  And our Intelligent Testing Program will prove this to you.  In fact - I’m going to tell you how the program works right now:  

    The program shows you how to create a 25 word ad and place it in a newspaper.  Once the ad tests successfully - and you make a few dollars profit (and we’re talking just a dollar or two) the program shows you how to place that same successful ad in thousand of papers across the United States - with a single phone call - and draw the same response.

    It’s all possible, you know.  Exactly how to do all this is explained in detail in the NEW Intelligent Testing System 85-page informational book. For example:

Imagine if you placed an ad in a local paper and made just $2 in profit.  Then, following our detailed instructions, you scaled up and placed that same ad in 100 papers and had the same response rate - you’d make $200.  Then we show you how to take that same ad and place it in 1,000 papers (with ONE PHONE CALL) - and make $2,000. Then, learn how to place that same winning ad in 10,000 papers…


~ Letter Title: Something’s Missing ~

    Truth of the matter is - marketing is always missing from affiliate, network marketing, and internet marketing programs.  Most people have found this out the hard way: They’ve bought the mailing lists, mailed the lousy brochures and the crappy letters sold to them by program administrators, and saw poor-to-none results.  

    Dobkin’s letter is an easy way to show your clients and prospects that there are firms out there still dedicated to really helping their representatives, distributors and affiliates to succeed.

    Order this letter package and get the entire set of all 15 letters instantly - ready to be mailed or used on the internet or by e-mail — immediately.  These are the most effective letters you can get for increased response across multichannel platforms.  Order today, right now - while you’re thinking about it.

Now: Use the power of CLASSIFIED ADS
and the Internet To Build Your Business!
Dear Jeffrey,

    There’s always been something missing in the network marketing industry.

    • Some of the products are great -
         so it’s not that.  

    • The payouts are real - some people are
        getting very rich -
so it’s not that.

    I’ll tell you what’s missing: 
         It’s the MARKETING.

    Marketing HELP has been missing.  Selling products has always been tough for non-selling people - like myself.  And help is usually a far cry off.

    Sure, some folks go out and create fortunes in affiliate marketing - or network marketing, in just months.  Some are lucky.  Some just good.

     But that’s not the way to bet, is it?

     And let me guess - it hasn’t worked for you yet either.  Now you're staring down at your two hundred bucks worth of crummy literature and wondering how you're going to make money from that.  Wake up, baby — you're not.  So you skip from one program to another and the same thing keeps happening over and over again…



     I hope you've enjoyed seeing a preview of what our letters look and feel like. 

     While other people and websites promise you great writing, great letters, or great marketing material — we thought you deserve to see a good range of actual samples of what you are purchasing. 

     Just like when you go into a store and see and touch a product, we think you should have that experience on the web.  So we lay everything out before you - so you don't have to guess if our products are good: you can actually see them and make an intelligent decision for yourself. 

     If you like our material, we hope you will purchase it.  We know it will provide you with a great response to your mailings, emailings, and web solicitations.  And, since we have no delivery costs like we do for our traditionally printed material, we've priced our downloadable products very reasonably - and very, very competitively. Your purchase allows us to continue to help entrepreneurs like yourself and supports our own efforts to provide even more quality information, helpful small business marketing books and real marketing help to others.
    These letters - and others like them - are available to you as an instant download.  Order today, you can have them delivered to you within the hour - and you can be up and running by tonight!  Yes… use them and start getting response to your offers tonight!  Yes, it’s that simple.

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Here's to your total success,

          Jeffrey Dobkin
                     Jeffrey Dobkin
    And the dedicated Research Team at
    The Danielle Adams Publishing Company

    PS.  We follow our own rules for creating effective, maximum-response generating letters, post cards and direct mail.  Our well written, tightly-focused response-driving sales letters are just the tip of the iceberg - please  let us know if you or your firm needs the writing of any specific letters, direct mail pieces, post cards, brochures, corporate reports, catalog copy, annual reports, ads or any writing for your self or your company.  
    We are also home to some tough, shrewd marketers and are awesome with writing marketing plans, analysis of your current plan (marketing audits,) catalog analysis and… creative stuff that looks great and gets an amazing response (always, our number one priority!) We are always happy to quote.  Please call: 610-642-1000, or Just click here and let us know you’re interested.  Thanks.