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     Here's the difference between our Insurance Sales Letters and everyone else's insurance sales letters: Ours make the phone ring!  Every sales letter we write has ONE GOAL: to make your phone ring.  We design and write every letter, every line to increase our client's  effectiveness to reach this goal.  

   Simple, yet some writers forget.  We feel if our letter doesn't make your phone ring, the letter failed.  So we use every trick in the book to make the one extra reader pick up the phone and call now.  See for yourself…

  All of our sales letters series 
are written by master direct response copywriter,
Jeffrey Dobkin.  
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Dobkin  explains in his own words how he wrote the sample letter shown below - and all of his Awesome Sales Letters Series:   

“Our Sales Letters...
      One of the best ways to generate a phone call with an insurance sales letter is to ask for the opportunity to quote. 
    In this letter, I've tried to bring to the center of attention a bulleted list showing readers easy to see, easy to understand reasons their insurance rate may actually go down - so that they call. 

     As with all my sales letters, the objective of the letter is NOT TO SELL INSURANCE - it is to get readers to call.  Then you can sell them insurance!

     That's why I've said "Call!"  8 times in this single page,
and have given our phone number twice.”               
Jeffrey Dobkin



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This letter is titled, "New Options Letter - Call for Quote!" 

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  Dear Neighbor,


      Something important:


      While going through our files, we’ve been fortunate to have

  the opportunity to review some of our customers’ old insurance policies. 


      Here’s what we discovered: Over the past few years, many insurance

  rates have actually gone down.  Here are the reasons to CALL US to see if  

  your rates have gone down and you can pay less:


· More types of insurance are available

             You can get specific coverage - insuring just

     what you need - which provides a lower rate.


· More deductibles are now available

     Smart options in deductibles can save you plenty! 

     Call us and we’ll show you how - and where - to save.


· More options in coverage amounts are available 

     Get rid of excessive coverages and save even more!


· Additional Savings are available for meeting specific requirements

     For example, if you’re a good driver, we have added bonus

     savings for you with our good driver rates.  Call and see!


· You can often lower your premiums with broader coverage

     Everyone wants your business. When you place more insurance,

     (car, home, life, business) with us, your overall premiums

     can go down.  Call us now to see your specific savings!


      We’ve made a lot of friends by saving people money. Here’s

  what we’d like to do for you: Simply give us a call and let us review

  your policies.  It’s FREE.  While we can’t guarantee every client

  will save money, the chances are great that we’ll SAVE YOU MONEY just

  as we have for many of our clients whose policies haven’t been

  reviewed in a while.  Please call at your convenience - this phone

  rings on my desk: 610-642-1000.  Please call right now, while you're

  thinking of it!

      Thank you.



             Kindest regards,

                    Jeffrey Dobkin

            Jeff Dobkin, Senior Agent

            Insurance Provider




      PS. Dust off those old policies, and give us a call. 

We’ll be glad to review your policies for FREE.  Of course, we’re always glad to help you with any insurance problems or questions.  Just give us a call at 610-642-1000.  Thank you.



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